Thanks to a cheap cooking oil that we found in the supermarket, ecological catastrophe and primate genocide on an industrial scale is happening in some of the most ecological, sensitive and valuable habitats on our Planet.

Palm oil is consisted in many household products and foods. But it comes at an awful cost just like with everything else that is ‘cheap’.


In order to clean the way for palm oil plantations in countries like a Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra and Borneo, huge areas of unspoiled rain forest are actually razed to the ground.

The speed and the scale of this deforesting operation is staggering.

People who are in charge of this “business’’ have ZERO regard for the fact that they destroy lives and homes of endangered wildlife.

It does not matter how inhumanely the complete the tasks, deforestation workers completely eliminate the wildlife even run over the animals (especially orangutans) with logging trucks.

90% of orangutan habitat has been killed and destroyed in the last 20 years because of forest clearing for palm oil. Orangutans can totally extinct in the wilderness as early as 2016 if deforestation continues at this pace. These jungle habitats can be totally gone in 20 years.

Of course that there is definitely something we can do to prevent this disaster. We only have to boycott the products that contain palm oil.

It is consisted in everyday products – from anti-dandruff shampoos to breadsticks. So, do not forget to check the label before you buy your next product.

Furthermore, this oil is terrible for your heart.


It would be also PERFECT to write to companies which sell this oil or source it and inform them that you will boycott the products that contain this oil.

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Via Era Daily