The migrants who demand Sharia Law In USA have just received the answer.

Most of the people know that “complete and total shutdown of Muslims coming and entering the USA” is a policy proposal by Donald Trump.


The president is aware of the migrant crisis in Europe, that the refugees have spoken out to let all the countries know that they were not exactly thrilled with their present accommodations, despite they were sheltered, clothed and fed by many governments in Europe.

Refuges are not pleased with the conditions they live in. They say that this is not a life without a TV in their rooms, they have no privacy, no lockers, no fridge and they also do not like the food. You can see many refugees with nice clothing, dyed hair etc.

They do not like the climate in Sweden, the drinks, foods and the immigrants also claim that they live in jail.

These people want to see the Sharia Laws implemented in the new homes in Europe.

Because of the living conditions that we already mentioned above, the immigrants protest every day. They also claim that they would rather back to Syria than stay in Europe.

We are all witness how many girls were raped by the migrants in Europe. They claim that their fashion styles and perfumes provoke them.

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Via USA News