India has finally conformed that it accomplished its solar plant in Tamil Nadu, Kamuthi. With a capacity of 648 MW, far more than the Topaz Solar Farm in America, California (550 MW), it took the title of “ the largest solar power plant”.


This power plant was built on 3.9 sq miles (10 sq km) – you can see on the video below or the picture above.

This impressive size is excellent example and deployment of India’s commitment to renewable sources of energy. According to Aljazeera, $679m were invested by Adani Group to build this solar farm. In order to keep the solar panels at their top efficient, autonomus cleaning robots were installed on the solar arrays.

This giant project will provide power for 150,000 homes. By 2022, India is planning to provide 60milion homes with solar energy.

This country is definitely the leader in solar energy despite it still has a long way to go.

The industrial hubs are actually reaching air pollution records so India is beginning to feel a sense of urgency. Despite the coal is the main source of energy in this country, producing 40% of its power from renewable sources of energy by 2030 will be something different in Indian’s society, global warming and global pollution.

Get a scale of the project by watching the following video of the Kamuthi solar plant:

Via Electrek