A new levy palm oil imports from Malaysia and Indonesia will be placed by France’s National Assembly, which will tax 30 euros per ton in 2017 and up to 90 euros in 2020.

France is the most favorite country in the world. This progressive nation implemented a green reform where all new building must either have solar panel in their roofs or green gardens.


The new palm oil tax in France will benefit the homes (rainforests) in Malaysia and Indonesia while protecting the endangered wildlife

Palm oil is consisted in numerous products – from cosmetics, detergents, to snacks and other foods and drinks.

Sumartan orangutan populations and environment is devastated by the production of this oil.

As the result of habitat loss, the orangutan population has decreased by 50 percent. Simply put, there are only 6,300 orangutans left.

In order to clear the rainforests to make plantations, the workers slaughtered and burned thousands of orangutans.

Furthermore, 6,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be released if you clear 2 square acres (1 hectare) of peat forest.

However, France is planning to raise the tax for palm oil to 300 euros in the next few years.

Despite all the governments in the World has to take action, we also have to boycott all the products which contain palm oil.

We will notice dramatic drop of this oil by taxing the commodity.

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