Illegal to contact your employees after work hours is the newest, most interesting and extremely useful law. Every company with 50 or more employees can not contact employee after work.


You should be aware of the dread that fills your stomach and affect your mood, if you have ever been with your family or friends during the weekend and then received sms or email from your company.

Physical or mental health implications can be caused if you being unable to completely disconnect from your work.

The company with 50 or more employees will be mandated by the “right to disconnect” if it text an employee after work.

All the studies have shown that there are far more work connected stress nowadays than before. It actually means that the stress is permanent.

Employees do not leave the work despite they physically leave their work. The emails, messages and texts disrupt the life of the people to the point where she or he breaks down.

This law wants to ensure the French citizens are really and fully enjoy their time off.

The companies mustn’t interrupt private lives of the employees. All the employees have to be totally free from being texted by their companies.

A plenty mockery and criticism were received when this law was proposed for the first time. According to many eminent layers, this is necessary law because it could be beneficial for your physical and mental well-being.

A complete inability to rest can be caused by emotional, psychological and physical distress.

Most of the French people support the law which means that the digital disconnect will make them better workers.

Via Huffington Post