In order to “protect” the constructions side of Dakota Access pipeline, wild Buffaloes have been corralled without access to water and food.


Large numbers of Native Americans are trying to defend the territory from Dakota Access Pipeline. If completed, the pipeline will cost $3.7 billion and will span 1,170 miles.

Despite it circumventing the law and covering up its dangers, Energy Transfer Partners – the corporations behind the pipeline has pushed on with this project.

The hired contractors and ETP have escalated tensions with the people who protest in order to protect the entire project because it actually enters its final phase. The pipeline was also protected by the State of North Dakota. The layers of North Dakota have been working to scare the journalists for filming and covering the protests. Tear gas, attack dogs and rubber bullets were used by the police on the protestors. For only filming the protestors, famous filmmaker is facing up to 45 years in jail.

Unfortunately, the native wildlife is also a target. A video of a large group of buffalos being closed and surrounded by razor wire and 8 foot deep trenches was released by Indigenous Rising Media.

Many reporters claim that these animals are being held without water and food for days. As the buffaloes “interfere” with the completion of the pipeline, the construction company has threatened to kill the animals.

The buffalos provide food for the tribe who live there and also serve as a symbol of the divine.

It appears that the company who construct the pipeline will do anything no matter how abhorrent and immortal it may be. Millions of people are protesting and fighting against this inexcusable act. Please comment below and share this article in order to spread the news about this issue!

Via Soul Spot