After their Parliament Voted On Wednesday, Australia has become the first entire continent to legalise marijuana.

Numerous countries in the world believe that marijuana should be regulated like tobacco and alcohol and removed from the criminal justice.


Why Should We Legalize?

  • Promote consumer safety
  • Save money
  • Create jobs
  • Reduce harm
  • Loss of business for terrorists and drug dealers
  • Reduced street disputes
  • Personal freedom
  • Medical benefits for cancer patients
  • Wider access to medicinal use
  • Safety controls
  • Less money to support organized crime
  • Law enforcement and more effective criminal justice

By following a several states in America, this 23 million country decided to decriminalize the use of marijuana.

Their Narcotic Drugs Act allows distribution of marijuana products and legal cannabis farms.

The Minister of Health, Sussan Ley, said that this is historic day for the Australian society where the many people who have prescriptions for medical marijuana will be able to buy these products from various dispensaries or growing their own cannabis crops.

Many patients who suffer from different diseases are beginning to use the medicinal benefits of marijuana.

Large numbers of people support the legalization of marijuana across the whole world and we hope that other continents such as Europe and North America will do the same

Via Anonhq