Before a couple of weeks ago, Evo Morales announced that his country will no longer respond to Rothschild banking institutions or blackmail from the American government.

Since their creation in 1944, the US dominated World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) have been the biggest actors in the global economy. The Rothschild family actually controls these organizations which means that the family also controls the economies of many countries.


Bolivia was suffering from World Bank/IMF imposed privatization that exploited its resources and people. Fortunately, the people of Bolivia succeeded to stop the worst privatization in the world, privatization of the water supply – imposed by Rothschild family.

Unfortunately, this family has privatized many crucial sectors, including water supply in Africa.

The 80th president of Bolivia – Morales, has focused on combating and reducing the influence of the multinational corporations and USA in Bolivia.

The president succeeded to transform Bolivia into the fastest growing economy in South America.

The president Morales was empowered by the Bolivia’s economic independence to reject institutions such as IMF and World Bank – ruled by Rothschild family.

Evo Morales said “ We have finally liberated ourselves politically and economically, and we no longer depend on other institutions and countries”.

Morales is the president who resisted foreign influence and privatization! Manu multinational corporations such as Coca Cola and Mc Donald’s were kicked out by Bolivia. This country also refused to cooperate with the harmful War on Drugs.

America devotes 1.7% of its budget to education while Bolivia devotes 14% of the budget to education.

The new president of Bolivia has also forced foreign gas and oil corporations to pay 82% to the government where the poverty in the country has dropped significantly.

The transformation of this South American country means that every country can return the power of the people and throw off the shackles imposed by US government and many families and international bankers.

Via True Activist