Many studies have shown that Roundup is more toxic and probably carcinogenic than assumed. Before a couple of weeks, the use of this herbicide produced by Monsanto was banned in Italy.

Glyphosate – the main substance in this herbicide affects ‘vulnerable groups’ in numerous public spaces such as green spaces, playgrounds, recreational areas, sports fields, school buildings, roadways, courtyards, gardens etc.


The use of this toxic ingredient has been also banned in the process of spraying crops before harvesting – also known as pre-harvest desiccation.

Protecting the groundwater from agrichemical contamination is the main goal of these measures. This actually means this European country has adopted one of the biggest bans on the public and agricultural use of glyphosate.

As Monsanto (the biggest agricultural biotechnology corporation.) relies on sales of this brand to prop up their seed monopoly, this ban may seriously endanger the future of the company in Europe.

France, Brazil and Holland have also banned glyposate, and this product (RoundUp) has been completely removed from shelves of the gardening DIY centers.

The latest research that was conducted by Professor Eric Seralini has shown that this product is far more toxic than we think. The journal Toxicology published his amazing findings:

  • A food or drink (water contaminated by Roundup) is extremely toxic and harmful for the human body.

According to the Professor, the buying process of pesticides and released into the nature must be revised!

However, we are really concerned because the toxicity of all chemical substances and pesticides has been significantly underestimated.

Nobody knows what will be the decision of US and rest of Europe, despite Italy has made its decision!

Via Underground Reporter