The World’s largest ocean has been contaminated by the nuclear disaster where it is still leaking 300 tons of toxic and radioactive material every single day.

Most of the people believe that Chernobyl was the deadliest and most dangerous disaster in our history. Unfortunately, they are definitely wrong. The tsunami that was created by and earthquake in 2011, caused a meltdown at nuclear station in Japan. We have the largest leak of radiation into the ocean in the human history at that time. Three nuclear reactors melted down and the tons of radioactive chemicals leaked into the Pacific.


Radioactive Material Approaching Western Coast

Due to extremely high temperatures, the source of the leak can not be sealed because it is inaccessible to robots and humans.

The Pacific Ocean has been contaminated in just 5 years. The worst environmental catastrophe in our history is never talked by the scientists, politicians or the news.

TEPCO – Tokyo Electric Power Company represents a subsidiary of GE – General Electric. It is actually one of the biggest companies on the planet which has significant control over many politicians alike and news corporation.

However, GE was informed about the poor conditions of Fukushima Reactors and did completely nothing where GE was sued by 1,400 people from Japan for the role of this company in the nuclear disaster.

Some parts of the western coast of North America have been feeling the negative impact even if we can not see the radiation itself.

Several months after Fukushima, Canadian fish began dying and bleeding from the eyeballs, mouths and gills. The government ignored this issue and also destroyed native fish populations.

300% increase in the levels of radiation was measured by independent scientists in Western Canada. Many mainstream media ignore the annual increasing of radiation in the Pacific. Canadian and US citizens were banned to talked about the disaster by the governments so “people do not panic”.


When Fukushima radiation came in Oregon, America in 2013, starfish began losing legs. The ecosystem is totally put at risk.

In 2014, the radiation in the tuna of Oregon tripled, Californian beaches increased the radiation by 500%. The official statement from the US government is that the radiation comes from “unknown source”.

Today the Pacific is 10 times more radioactive compared to the period during the World War II when the government of America dropped several nuclear bombs in the ocean.

We will all get unpleasant surprise if we do not start, commenting, explaining and talking about Fukushima.

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