These families and individuals are the real people behind the economic enslavement, planet’s destruction and political corruptions. Finally, the world has to learn their names.

A small group of wealthy families often rule the presidential candidates and politicians. These groups have extremely large profits of all the wars in the world, they own the banks which often make us slaves, they own the biggest corporations, pharmaceutical companies etc.

These people only need more influence and power to control our lives.

The Rockefellers


This family is the most evil family in the US history. The first billionaire in America, J.D. Rockefeller discredited many natural cures and remedies and replaced them with pharmaceutical products. He influenced the opinion of the masses via government and mainstream media and became the most influential person in Council of Foreign Affairs, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group.

Henry Kissinger


He has been one the closet friends of David Rockefeller and he’s war criminal like no other. Kissinger is in charge of millions dead in Vietnam, an illegal campaign in Cambodia and bloody coup in Chile.

He is also the greatest mentor to Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton and also works as a consultant for the major issues in the USA.

Larry Summers


This person is the key player in Bill Clinton’s administration. Via the removal of the Glass Steagall Act, he was responsible for deregulating the US banking system. Larry is the most responsible person for the economic crisis in 2008.

He deregulates the banks all over the world and he is the person who forces every government in the world to sign harmful agreements.

In 2008, the world wealth was transferred from people to bakers.

George Soros


This is the most notorious billionaire in the world. By initiating British financial crisis he made a billion dollars in one day.

He helped lead to Europe’s refugee crisis, erodes the sovereighty of all the nations as well as the America sovereighty and pushes for a one world government.

The Rothschilds


This is one of the richest families in the world. Rothschild family owns a majority of the world’s central banks. The has enormous influence in the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

They have incredible influence in international politics and US where in the leaked mails, Hilary has begged them forgiveness.

Via True Activist