We all learn about the importance of safe produce and eating healthy where most of the consumers demand for organic products. Only 20% of organic consumed foods in the US are grown there. The other food is actually imported from the European Union and China.

Unfortunately, the organic standards in China are notoriously low. Choosing the organic in the first place is not the whole point because most of the organic products in China are unsafe.

The substandard produce of China was never grown to with the intention of being organic. The poor hygienic state of the food, mislabeling, the presence of drug residues and the use of unsavory additives are the greatest issues for these products.

There is no determination in China what is or what is nor organic.

Contaminated water is used in the production of food even in “organically grown food”.

Yangtze and Yellow river are mainly used for watering in China where both of which are extremely polluted.

Large amounts of heavy metals and chemicals are present in these two rivers. Many of these toxins have been found in milk, drinking water, rice etc…

Different health disorders such as development problems in infants and children, thyroid issues, improper regulation of the metabolism. Garlic, black pepper, green peas, mushrooms, rice, apples, chicken and fish are found to be the most contaminated Chinese foods.

Growing food by yourself is the safest method to consume food free of additives and chemicals.

Have a nice day and provide your delicious and healthy food.

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Via True Activist