Most of the people in the world together with the new president of US believe that vaccines are responsible for autism epidemic and that are harmful.

Donald Trump has promised to save our children and future and find out the truth. He does not agree that there are no relations between autism and vaccines. Trump proves that it is dangerous and untrue.


Many children went to have vaccines and then came back at home very sick with a tremendous fever, now are autistic.

Trump has own theory for this issue. He is definitely against the pumping of the children with these vaccinations. There are numerous cases where the child is becoming totally different after the injection.

Many people opened legal processes against vaccination where some of them have also won the cases.

On the other hand, US Congressman Bill Posey claims, explains and exposes lies that there is no connection between autism and vaccine.

The multinational corporations along with the media are the greatest contributors for this epidemic.

Donald Trump will surely investigate this. He promised that he will do good for our kids and country. What can we expect from the Democrats when these violent people on the streets are trying to destroy us.

Do your best and protect your children from these chemicals and epidemic.

Via USA News Flash