There was no many eyebrows were raised across the world as Donald Trump won the presidency. There was an amazing WOW from all the people who looked at his plans for the first 100 days. Reopening of the 9/11 is also consisted in his “To Do” agenda.


Donald Trump really plans to investigate thoroughly because he believes that this investigation hasn’t been properly investigated. It has to be reopened because the original 9/11 is a complete mess.

During his first term the things are only going to get rockier. The new president wants to investigate 9/11 in a way that hasn’t been investigated before. That may the general reason why George Bush did not vote for Donald Trump.

Someone who is not part of the establishment will investigate 9/11, with plenty to lose and skin in the game.

Trump announced to his supporters: “How can be possible two airplanes take out three buildings in one single day? During the September 11 attacks, World Trade Center collapsed and we have destruction of Building 7. All these statements and were precisely explained by the president.

In a February debate, Trump said that the World Trade Center Collapsed during in the time of George Bush. Bush told us that he kept us safe, that’s not safe, says Trump.

Weren’t the high-jackers from Saudi Arabia? Why George Bush did not take any legal means against Saudi Arabia? I will definitely request new investigation because America deserves answers.

During the first days of his reign, it seems that Trump will do a great job. Please share this article to let the Americans KNOW what kind of person we actually elected!

Via US News Flash