Despite all the predictions surveys predicted Hillary winning, Donald Trump became the new most powerful man in America. He got the votes of many Americans, although all the predictions predicted his defeat. Here’s how he succeeded…

Donald Trump was elected for the new president of America. The long road for success depended on several amazing factors. Here’s how Trump managed to become the new president.

1.Republicans Made a Mistake

Many leading politicians in the US Republican Party, especially those who supported George Bush did not want this to happen. In January 2016, Ted Cruz won Iowa. They had to accept Cruz in order to stop Trump, but they did not do it.

  1. Democrat Part Also Made a Mistake

Hillary Clinton was the weakest democratic candidate in the US history. She dragged herself to the errors of her husband, email scandal, corruption, poor popularity… Besides, she ran for president as the second Clinton after only 8 years since the people realized that the second Bush was a mistake.

  1. The Public is Furious

Americans are angry. They are angry to the elite that led to this financial crisis. They are also angry to the Congress because it does not help people. Due to lack of job opportunities and a normal life, people are angry to media misstatement. People believe that “American dream” has no sense any more.

  1. Fear

The latest survey has shown that Islamist terrorism is the biggest problem in America. The migrants and the economy are far minor problems. This situation creates an environment in which Americans think that it is not safe to have family.

  1. Racism

Large numbers of Trump voters are racists. By 2040 the majority of the population will be of different nationalities and races. This fact upsets the Americans. Trump has acquired all the voters on his side.

  1. Brexit

The first sign that Trump could become President of the United States came from Britain. The British voted for separation from the EU this year in June. Although Brexit was the catalyst for the success of Trump, the British and Americans had the same problems: anger to the elite, fear of migrants and racism.

  1. Hunger for Change

When Obama became a president of US in 2008, he was young and promises hope and change. But he actually did not succeed to bring the desired change for better to the Americans. On the contrary, corruption has worsened.

  1. Disastrous Surveys

All surveys forecasted that Clinton will win the elections. And it also influenced the outcome of the elections. Democrats have become lazy because of guaranteed victory. All these reasons led to Clinton’s loss.

  1. Surprise in October

In late October, the head of the US Federal Police FBI sent a letter to the Congress informing them that they re-open the case with the e-mails. Although the end concluded that the e-mails do not change anything, the damage was done. Hillary Clinton’s popularity began to decline rapidly.

  1. Media

Trump knows how to rule the media. He has long TV experience. He knows exactly what to say to get attention. Trump knows that there is nothing worse than “bad publicity”. His eccentric TV events remained well known, unlike those of his rival Hillary. The media wanted to completely eliminate Trump, but he did not surrender!