You should definitely remember the view of Donald Trump of not killing Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi if you remember the Texas primaries.

The new president of USA said and explained that both leaders were killing terrorists and that US should not been involved in this mass. Donald Trump has never supported the political program of Obama administration and what they were doing. He claimed that both of them had been alive right now and that is far more better if all the politicians take a day off, than go into WAR.

When it comes to the Syrian war and refugee crisis, Trump said that Assad is not a good person, but who knows that the next leader will be better if we replace that guy in Syria?!

The president of USA has also commented that the money and support spent on the people there is outrageous. He loves the fact that Russia is hitting ISIS and that it’s over for the Qatari and Saudi terrorists.

The American commercial broadcast television CBS invited Trump for an interview and here is his opinion about the Russia’s involvement in the Syrian war.

Via Ano News